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The Privilege of the FOMI Title


As you know, over the years, we have had many missionaries donate their funds, personal time and talents to aid others in need…without asking anything in return other than God’s eternal blessing. What is extremely impressive is that many do this year after year with no hesitation. We pray that each missionary receives God’s holiest recognition through His continual blessings of themselves and their families. It has been decided by the Board that we, as a mission organization, should also look to recognize those who continue to support mission efforts through their personal contributions


It’s no surprise that recognition and a sense of belonging can occur through group / team “titles". For example, 3rd order Franciscans have TOR after their names, while Maryknoll missionaries have MM. Each group's identity is distinct but clear with the common purpose to bring the love of God to others. We share in that responsibility with each mission opportunity we undertake.

Those of us who have participated in a number of missions have a sense of solidarity. We possess a unique feeling of unity with a holy pride of belonging to a team which year after year continues to make a difference in many people’s lives. As such, it is suggested that we distinctly identify ourselves as members of Friends of the Missions through a common team “title”, further nurturing this oneness, confirming each of us belongs to something very special. The Board has established "FOMI"

as this title designation for us, with FOMI standing for Friends of the Missions. Applying this new title, Jacob Schroeder would be identified as Jacob M. Schroeder, FOMI.

The FOMI designation is earned and awarded by the Board after an individual meets certain criteria. These are the requirements for achieving the FOMI title…in recognition that you are indeed a contributing member to God’s missionary work.

1) You completed 3 individual missions, or

2) You were team leader in developing a mission effort, or

3) You contributed on 3 separate occasions fundraising and helping pack materials.

Once the “FOMI” is achieved, we would ask that each participant to commit to saying 3 prayers a day, of their choice…one for our overall team and leadership, one for those who support us physically and financially and one for those we support through our missions.

All are welcomed to participate in achieving this recognition. If you have already satisfied the requirement level, please feel free to use the FOMI title today!

God's blessings forever!

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