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The pandemic has been a challenge for us all over the last few years. Our missions have suffered too. We're now charging forward with a robust mission in October, 2022 to Uganda!  

Uganda or Bust!

A medical / dental mission clinic is currently being planned for Uganda in October, 2022.  Actual dates are from October 29 to November 13, 2022.  This mission will consist of 6 days of clinic with the following post clinic opportunities.

a)  A hike and visit to the natural habitat and experience of silver back gorillas, or

b)  On the return trip, 3 days in Brussels ,or

c)  Returning to the US following the clinic.

Rough estimates on cost per person is in the range of $3000.  More details will be posted to this site as they become available.

Please note that Uganda is at a level 1 for COVID meaning the pandemic is under  control in that country.  However, vaccines for malaria, covid and other standard mission vaccines will be required.  In addition, missionary volunteers 70 or over will be required to obtain a note from their physician stating they are in good health and fully capable of participating in the mission. 

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