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FRIENDS OF THE MISSIONS, INC. MONGOLIA – 2019 - Successfully Completed

. Clinics held on July 2-6 and an optional Gobi Desert trip. Join the opening day of the Naadam Festival, returning around July 12.  


June 29 to July 13, 2019

Mongolia, home of the Gobi Desert and Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan) achieved independence from China in 1921 and was freed from Russian dominance in 1990. Most of the Russians (the backbone of her medical system) then left. Her citizens elected her first non-Communist government in 1996. With an annual per-capita income of less than $1,500, half her 3 million people now live in the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

We will be helping the poor by holding medical and dental clinics in and around the Sukhbaatar District, a part of the capital. The majority (98%) have been inoculated against childhood diseases, however, Hepatitis B & C, Brucellas, TB and STD are major problems. As free clinics with top trained doctors and dentists, we anticipate seeing 350 to 550 patients daily.

After 5 days of clinics, most of us will head off to the Gobi Desert for a tour and before returning home will enjoy part of nation’s greatest festival, the Naadam Games.

The people of Mongolia are friendly and this has been reflected in the help we have received in putting this together.

We find that our clinics run most smoothly when our trained medical people are backed up by many loving, non-medically trained, support team members.

Mongolia is not frequently visited and is in the Far East hence the cost of air travel from Orlando at approximately $2,000 reflects this. As a result, our individual team member costs will be higher than usual – about $3,050 for the Mission. This includes medicines & supplies for the clinics, airfare, housing, food, etc. The optional Gobi Desert tour and Festival, if chosen, will add about $500 to your trip costs.

For more information about Mongolia, see:

For more information about the Mission or to join us as a volunteer, contact:

Charlie DeVirgilio, Team Leader – Mongolia:

Jake Schroeder, Director:

Contributions to Friends of the Missions, Inc. are always welcome to help offset Mission expenses.

For other types of support please contact Charlie or Jake directly.

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